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Ensuring a safe and reliable electrical system is essential for every household.

Domestic Electrical services include the wiring, circuits, outlets, switches, and other components necessary to provide electricity throughout a home. Professional installation is crucial to prevent electrical hazards such as fires, electric shocks, and damage to appliances or equipment.

About Us

We like high standards.

Our Domestic Electrical portfolio ranges from changing lights in houses, additional sockets, all the way through to complete new build installations and house extensions. We have worked on bespoke builds to extremely high standards and high specifications.

Some examples of work we have been involved in, include:

  • Full new build installations.
  • Existing house extensions.
  • Replacement kitchen alterations.
  • House decorative lighting changes.
  • Additional external power supplies.
  • Rental EICR.
  • Electrical heating and full heating control systems.

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